Foto: Jonas Kullman

The idea of the AddSeat

The idea of utilising gyroscopic vehicles for their own needs was born in 2010. Marit Sundin felt that the seats available on the market were not really complete – they lacked functions that she would have preferred in terms of safety and comfort. Her dream of becoming more mobile and finding a complement to the wheelchair inspired Marit to develop her own solution.

Marit turned to Hedemora Anpassning for help, a company which had adapted many cars throughout the years for functional disabilities and even built Marit’s revolutionary sit-ski 20 years ago. Together they successfully built a Segway seat that works even for Marit. AddSeat was born.

The seat has an innovative glide function, which means that users do not need to have legs to move their centre of gravity forward or backward. It is this movement that slows a gyroscopic vehicle like the Segway and therefore represents a crucial safety feature. The seat is also equipped with a parking function to improve stability when climbing on and off the vehicle. Marit’s seat for the Segway has made a huge difference in her life and she has become much more mobile. She can now access areas which she never could have accessed before on her own. This provides freedom of movement and the feeling of walking!

Simple things like being able to cross a beach or snow-covered roads or pulling her children in a bicycle cart have opened new doors for Marit and her family. Friction tyres, strong motor and smart manoeuvrability combined with the AddSeat create completely unique opportunities.

Drawing on her experiences and skills, Marit founded AddMovement to help others live a more mobile life. AddMovement offers a line of both standard solutions and customised seats for Segway. The AddSeat has been further developed with various functions and accessories. Thanks to a close cooperation with the experts in Hedemora the WSM Consulting Group, almost everything is possible

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